A Jacket off the Gorge

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A Jacket off the Gorge is a 100,000 word narrative nonfiction 11563485990amanuscript – part true crime, part memoir – with a psychological thriller read. It involves a true crime in rural Upstate New York and the author who unwittingly got wrapped up in it.

The author’s journalism career spans more than 25 years and has earned major awards, including an Emmy nomination.

A Jacket off the Gorge is the story of Jon Fontaine, a young man whose teenage years are shaped by his motivation to run a lucrative drug selling enterprise. After being caught, prison conditions and the social stigma of being a felon only serve to make him a more cunning criminal.

Facing more prison time, Jon stages his own death by tossing his jacket off a gorge, throwing police off his trail. He is artful in deception and manipulation, particularly of the women who love him.

And he’s keeping a secret: He’s stolen a treasure of ancient gold and silver coins. He will never reveal its location.

Jon meets Susan, who has the professional connections, resources and intelligence that could benefit him. With her, he experiences something he never expected: unconditional love. Will he take advantage of her trust for personal gain? Even he is unsure.

Only Susan gives Jon the strength and motivation he needs to survive, but a bigger threat to his rehabilitation is the penal system and abandonment by family. Untreated medical and mental health issues culminate in consequences neither could have predicted.

Jon’s story depicts the harmful, sometimes irreversible effects of social injustice on a human being.

A Jacket off the Gorge delves deep into the criminal mind, providing an unprecedented, fascinating and chiseled look at one man’s struggles within himself, and with others.

It is adrenaline-pumping action like the 2015 New York prison escape that captivated America.

A Jacket off the Gorge is based on this head-spinning tale.


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