“A Jacket off the Gorge” Sticks with You, Somewhat

When you find my website through a search engine, my tracker logs which keywords you used. By the stats, people remember the title of my book, A Jacket off the Gorge. Or, they at least remember some version of it.

It this case, it is about the destination and not the journey. No matter how you got here, I’m glad you made it.

Here are some search terms that landed folks here:

jacket off the cliff, ashline

coat on the fence book susan ashline

susan ashline jacket

the gorge book

a jacket off the gorge

jacket off the gorge

jacket of the gorge

jacket in the gorge

jacket over gorge

john fontaine susan ashline

susan ashline jon fontaine

susan ashline reporter

jon fontaine rochester faking death

jon fontain jacket in the gorge

john fontaine jacket over gorge

jacket off



jacketb in the gorge

jacketin the gorge

a ajcket off the gorge


jacket off gorge






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