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Jon Fontaine

Inmate Jon Fontaine did not have a role in writing A Jacket off the Gorge, but he is blogging from behind bars.

For more of his writing…

Check out the book Jon wrote from prison under the psuedonym JT Phoenix.

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He is a three-time (last time) felon, hoping that authoring books will open a whole new world to him. He has no formal education in English or writing, and dropped out of high school after 10th grade. Basic English composition classes in essay and letter writing are his only training. He has never belonged to any writing groups or clubs. J.T. writes his stories by hand, in prison, and then types them on a basic typewriter. He does not have the assistance that other writers have: no spell check, no grammar check, no thesaurus, and no style guide. In addition, J.T. has no editor. J.T.’s stories are straight from his hand to yours.

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